Amanda B. Irizarry

Amanda B. Irizarry

Advocacy Institute Program Coordinator at the Health Promotion Council

Position: Advocacy Institute Program Coordinator

Organization: Health Promotion Council in Philadelphia, PA

As an advocate for youth empowerment in the nonprofit sector, Amanda Irizarry has dedicated the last five years of her professional and personal life to working with and mentoring youth who are under-served, overlooked, and marginalized. Her passion for young people and love for her work in Philadelphia at a major public health nonprofit is unmatched, as she is able to live out one of my dreams: teaching youth about the power of their story and the value of their voice as they serve as both stewards and advocates to their communities and city at large.

One of her most empowering moments as a youth mentor and public health advocate was the graduation day of her first Advocacy Institute #RealTalkTobacco summer cohort. It was that day that her students reminded her of the power and light that is to be found when you share your stories of hurt, powerlessness, addiction, etc. and use them as agents of change and tools for community building and action.