Kimberlee Homer Vagadori

Kimberlee Homer Vagadori

Project Director at the California Youth Advocacy Network

Position: Project Director

Organization: California Youth Advocacy Network

How long have you been involved in tobacco control?
Since 2001

What brought you to tobacco control work?
I had recently graduated from college and was fortunate to find a job in tobacco control. What was suppose to be a six-month internship turned into a career I’m extremely passionate about. My work in tobacco control changed my path from working in international relations to public health advocacy.

What is your favorite part of empowering youth?
Seeing young people understand their power. I love that moment when young people realize the amazing power they have and feel motivated to use new tools/skills to advocate for change.

What do you do in your free time?
Spend time with my sweet family, explore all the delicious eateries and coffee shops in my city, cooking and baking, gardening, and getting outside (cycling, walking, hiking).