Molly Kincaid

Molly Kincaid

No Limits Project Coordinator in Nebraska

State: Nebraska

Position: Project Coordinator

Program: No Limits

How long have you been involved in tobacco control?
Since 2005

What brought you to tobacco control work?
While I was in high school I wanted to make a difference in the world. My school nurse knew this and encouraged me to apply to be on the No Limits Youth Board. Serving on the board completely changed my life. It helped me find my voice while giving me the knowledge, skills and abilities to educate and empower my peers. I completely fell in love with this line of work and couldn’t picture myself doing anything else.

What is your favorite part of empowering youth?
Having been involved with youth empowerment for as long as I have, this can be a tough question to answer. However, my very favorite part is getting to see youth realize that their voice matters and that they can make a difference. Once they have taken that step, it’s rewarding to see them develop a true passion for educating and empowering others for standing up, speaking out and seizing control in the fight against Big Tobacco!

What do you do in your free time?
When I’m not working, you can find me hanging out with my friends and family. I love being outside whether it be on the water in my kayak, biking the trails, at the sand volleyball courts, or sitting around a bonfire. I’m always down for traveling and exploring new cities, restaurants and bands. Music is my sanity. I am almost always writing, playing or listening to music. I’m over halfway done with my goal of attending more than 1,000 concerts by the time I am 50. My other big passion is cheering on the new generation of my idols growing up, the US Women’s national soccer team.