Nicole Sutton

Nicole Sutton

Position:Health Educator Consultant

Organization:Florida Department of Health – Hillsborough County

Program Name:Tobacco Free Hillsborough & SWAT Hillsborough

How long have you been involved in tobacco control?
Since 2000

What brought you to tobacco control work?
My passion for social justice and health equity led me to tobacco control at one of the most pivotal times in holding tobacco companies accountable for their deceptive practices. For more than a decade I worked with REAL: Hawaii Youth Movement Exposing the Tobacco Industry and the Global Youth Action on Tobacco Network. This advocacy work changed my life and made way for involvement in a number of other community-driven efforts for health justice

What is your favorite part of empowering youth?
Young people ultimately empower themselves when we help get them to the table as genuine partners for social change. My favorite part of partnering in this work with youth is watching them experience their personal and collective power. For many young people it is their first opportunity to feel truly heard and as though they can make meaningful change for their communities. in their communities. I am forever inspired by their fresh ideas, boldness for innovating strategies for change, and boundless optimism of what’s. Youth leaders are not just our future….they are THE NOW!

What do you do in your free time?
Travel, wander, look at art, dance, jump in the ocean, serve my community, and enjoy every moment I can with my 6-year old!