Coordinator Camp successfully energizes adult coordinators

Coordinator Camp successfully energizes adult coordinators

From August 13th-15th, over 120 adult coordinators gathered at the Holiday Inn Superdome in downtown New Orleans for Coordinator Camp 2014, a national conference presented by the Youth Engagement Alliance and sponsored by Legacy and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. The conference, established in 2008, is designed specifically for coordinators who work with youth tobacco control programs around the country. Coordinator Camp allows coordinators to come together to be participants instead of facilitators or chaperones.

This year’s conference was a huge success, with over 120 attendees representing a total of 36 states. Over the course of the conference, coordinators attended sessions focused on a myriad of topics all focused on promoting best practices for youth engagement in tobacco control. Topics included creating meaningful youth-adult partnerships, successfully using social media, harnessing youth personal stories, leveraging national tobacco control initiatives, maximizing the efficacy of youth advocacy and much more. Coordinators were encouraged to share their knowledge and network throughout the conference, and many presentations were led by coordinators sharing their experience and knowledge with their colleagues.

Attendees were welcomed to the conference by a special message from Acting Surgeon General of the United States, RADM Boris Lushniak, highlighting the importance of their work and the continued fight against Big Tobacco.

To see the presentations from Coordinator Camp 2014, visit the resources page.

Erica Olmstead's journey with youth advocacy and tobacco control began as a youth advocate in New York with the Reality Check program. Over the past 12 years, she has continuously focused her efforts on empowering youth to advocate against corporate tobacco, first as a youth advocate, later as a Reality Check Program Coordinator and now as a member of the Youth Advocacy team at the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids in Washington, DC.


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