Make a (selfie) statement: I’m #NotAReplacement, Big Tobacco

Make a (selfie) statement: I’m #NotAReplacement, Big Tobacco

The following is a blog from Kick Butts Day released February 12th, 2015
Source: Kick Butts Day Blog

Join our growing #NotAReplacement gallery and take a stand!GalleryLaunch

Tobacco kills 1,300 Americans every single day. So how do tobacco companies stay in business if all their customers are dying? According totobacco industry documents, they aggressively market their products and seek “replacement smokers,” specifically teens.

Since 1996, Kick Butts Day has been empowering young people to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco. This year, in honor of 20 years of kicking butts, we are encouraging young people around the world to unite through our signature activity and make a (selfie) statement letting Big Tobacco know that they are #NotAReplacement for the thousands of people tobacco products kill daily.

Today, we launched our #NotAReplacement gallery of selfie statements being created by youth around the world. This low-cost, high-impact activity can be registered as a stand-alone Kick Butts Day Event or be incorporated into an existing event.

Make a (selfie) statement today and add your face to our growing gallery of supporters.

It is time to use the tobacco industry’s own words to empower youth to fight back. Are you with us?

Erica Olmstead's journey with youth advocacy and tobacco control began as a youth advocate in New York with the Reality Check program. Over the past 12 years, she has continuously focused her efforts on empowering youth to advocate against corporate tobacco, first as a youth advocate, later as a Reality Check Program Coordinator and now as a member of the Youth Advocacy team at the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids in Washington, DC.


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