Online toolkit gives youth activists the tools to fight tobacco

Online toolkit gives youth activists the tools to fight tobacco

The following is a blog from Legacy released August 4th, 2014
Source: “Online Toolkit Gives Youth the Tools to Fight” – Legacy Blog

The following is a post by Amber Bullock, Executive Vice President, Program Development. Bullock oversees all of Legacy’s Youth Activism Programs, including the Youth Activism Fellowship, Youth Leadership Institute, and Coordinator Camp.

Give youth the resources they need to make great change and you will watch them soar! That was the motivation behind building an online version of Legacy’s youth activism toolkit: “Youth Activism in Tobacco Control: A Toolkit for Action”. This interactive resource can guide the efforts of young people fighting for positive tobacco-related change across the United States.

Young people are extremely important in the tobacco control movement. As the future of this country, young people have the ambition, energy, and the voice to stimulate big change. Whether they volunteer for their local tobacco prevention organizations, or serve as youth fellows at bigger tobacco control organizations, or even make tobacco control their full-time work, teaming up with young people to address the health, environmental and other effects of tobacco is an intelligent investment. I have watched young people empower themselves with creative ideas, strategies and decisions, and take tobacco-related issues in their communities head-on – sometimes all that they need are the tools to do so.

Legacy’s Youth Activism program is committed to serving the passionate young members around the country who want to make a difference in their communities, by making them healthier and smoke-free. The online youth activism toolkit was designed to give young people the information and tools to counter the effects of Big Tobacco in their communities. The site includes:

  • “Tobacco Challenge” trivia game for one or two players
  • “Activism 101” video introduction to the activism process
  • Nine interactive presentations on tobacco prevention and youth activism
  • Activity guides to help a group explore their interests and develop activism plans
  • Step-by-step planning pages to build a strategy for local projects
  • “Project Test Drive” tool to determine when a project is ready to go!

Young people have the ability to stimulate positive change in their communities. We are excited to make this resource available and accessible to anyone across the country. In addition, a PDF of the printed toolkit can still be downloaded here, or a hard copy can be mailed to youth activists upon request.

Check out the Legacy Youth Activism Online Toolkit here.

Erica Olmstead's journey with youth advocacy and tobacco control began as a youth advocate in New York with the Reality Check program. Over the past 12 years, she has continuously focused her efforts on empowering youth to advocate against corporate tobacco, first as a youth advocate, later as a Reality Check Program Coordinator and now as a member of the Youth Advocacy team at the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids in Washington, DC.


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