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Smoking, Vaping & COVID-19:

Never has it been more important for smokers to quit and for individuals to avoid damaging their lungs by vaping

Statement & Resources from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Statement & Resources from the Truth Initiative

Statement from the World Health Organization


Taking Down Tobacco brought to you by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and generously supported by the CVS Health Foundation

Take free online courses to get the knowledge, skills and tools you need to fight tobacco use in your community. Geared towards middle and high-school students, this comprehensive online program provides both introductory and advanced skills-based training to engage new youth in the fight against tobacco and help young leaders take their advocacy to the next level.


CDC Best Practices Guide for Youth Engagement (PDF) brought to you by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Information for program managers on the best practices for engaging youth as a part of a comprehensive tobacco control program

Indonesian Youth Council For Tobacco Control – Guiding Document on Meaningful Youth Participation in Tobacco Control

Take Down Tobacco Activities Database (Website) brought to you by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
A comprehensive, printable database of creative, youth-friendly anti-tobacco activities that can be sorted by price, age and difficulty.


Online Distance Learning Resources

The Rise of Vaping- Taking Down Tobacco

Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit- Vaping Prevention: A Remote Learning Curriculum

CATCH My Breath- Distance Learning Resource

FDA/Scholastic- The Real Cost of Vaping

CVS Health/CATCH My Breath/Discovery Education- Be Vape Free 

Educational/Curriculum Resources

Taking Down Tobacco

Young Minds Inspired Taking Down Tobacco Lesson Plans

Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

E-Cigarette Resources

Colliding Crises: Youth Mental Health and Nicotine Use Report – Truth Initiative 

The Rise of Vaping- Taking Down Tobacco

Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit- E-Cigarettes & Vape Pens

CATCH MY Breath Youth E-cigarette Prevention Program

CDC E-Cigarette Overview

FDA- Scholarship Partnership- Youth Vaping Risks

FDA Education Campaign- The Real Cost of Vaping

Vaping Prevention Resource- University of North Carolina 

Resources on Quitting

National Youth Cessation Repository

Youth report using a diversity of tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigarillos, hookah, smokeless tobacco, and a variety of new and emerging products. Nicotine exposure during youth can harm the developing adolescent brain and can lead to a lifetime of nicotine addiction and tobacco use. Nicotine exposure can also prime the adolescent brain for addiction to other drugs. Helping youth quit using any and all tobacco products is critical for protecting their health now and in the future.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids alongside 20 public health, medical and government organizations created a national repository of tools and resources for those seeking to help youth quit tobacco use. Through this webpage, parents, educators, healthcare professionals and others who work with young people can find the latest information, resources, and programs created specifically for youth tobacco cessation.

For information on how to prevent youth tobacco use, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides data, reports and other resources on youth tobacco prevention as well as information about youth e-cigarette use and prevention.


This is Quitting – Text TAKEDOWN to 88709

Smokefree Teen

Smokefree Women


North American Quitline Consortium

School-Based Policy Resources

Discipline Is Not the Answer – Better Approaches to On-campus Student Tobacco Use

California Department of Education- Tobacco-Free School Campus Policy Toolkit

American Lung Association- Sample Tobacco-Free School Campus Policy

Public Health Law Center- Model Tobacco-Free Policy for Kansas Schools

Public Health Law Center- Addressing Student Tobacco Use in Schools: Alternative Measures

Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit- Healthy Futures: An Alternative to Suspension Curriculum

Kansas Vape-Free Schools Toolkit

American Lung Association- INDEPTH: An Alternative to Teen Nicotine Suspension or Citation

Tobacco Industry Documents

Truth Initiative Tobacco Documents Library

Philip Morris Documents Online

Other Resources

Smoke Free Movies

Counter Tobacco (Tobacco News and Information)

Tobacco Free College Campus Initiative

Trinkets and Trash


Striving Towards Equity: A Scoping Review of E-Cigarettes, Heated Tobacco Products and Tobacco-Related Disparities (PDF) brought to you by The Institute for Global Tobacco Control at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. A supplemental video can be accessed here. [December 2020]

Best Practices User Guides: Youth Engagement in Tobacco Prevention and Control (PDF) brought to you by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [December 2019]

Broken Promises to Our Children (Website) brought to you by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids 
A State-by-State Look at the 1998 State Tobacco Settlement.

While You Were Streaming (PDF) brought to you by Truth Initiative [January 2018]
Tobacco Use Sees a Renormalization in On-Demand Digital Content, Diluting Progress in Broadcast & Theaters

The Flavor Trap (Website) brought to you by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids [March 2017]

2016 Surgeon General’s Report: E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [December 2016]
An easy to read summary of the major findings of the first Surgeon General’s report on e-cigarettes and youth.

Played (PDF) brought to you by Truth Initiative [December 2015]
Smoking is prevalent and often glamorized in video games popular among youth, according to Played: Smoking and Video Games, a review of research from Truth Initiative.

Vaporized (PDF) brought to you by Truth Initiative [November 2015]
More than eight of 10 youth and young adults saw e-cigarette advertising in 2015, according to Vaporized: Youth and Young Adult Exposure to E-Cigarette Marketing, a new report from Truth Initiative.

Let’s Make the Next Generation Tobacco-Free: Your Guide to the 50th Anniversary Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [Updated July 2015]
An easy to read summary of the major findings of the 2014 Surgeon General’s Report

Point of Sale Report to the Nation (Website) brought to you by Counter Tobacco [2015]
The Point-of-Sale Report to the Nation is a series of reports released by researchers that shine a light on what’s currently happening in the US retail environment. Uncover the latest information about US tobacco retailer density, product availability, industry POS marketing tactics and the policy activity taking place to address these issues.


To access slides from previous webinars, please contact the Youth Engagement Alliance (

4.16.2020- Youth Engagement During the COVID-19 CrisisCampaign for Tobacco-Free Kids & Truth Initiative

1.8.2020- Updated Best Practices User Guide: Youth Engagement in Tobacco Control and Prevention Stephanie Andersen, Washington University in St. Louis

11.21.19- Answering Your Questions on the Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic: Status, Action, and What’s Next Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids 

6.13.19- Understanding & Addressing the E-Cigarette Epidemic through School-Based Policy Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Kansas Department of Health & Environment, and the Public Health Law Center 

11.1.18- Back to School & JUUL Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids & Youth Engagement Alliance Leadership Team

10.11.18- Writing a Successful Conference AbstractNational Network of Public Health Institutes

12.7.17 – Tobacco in Popular Culture – Truth Initiative

1.12.17 – Getting to Know Taking Down Tobacco – Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

5.12.16 – Engaging Youth in the Summer – Youth & adult panelists from Reality Check, Tx Say What!, Truth Initiative and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

1.14.16 – Reducing Tobacco Ads & Creating Healthy CommunitiesRyan Coffman, Tobacco Policy and Control Program Manager for the Philadelphia Department of Health

10.8.15 – Denormalizing Tobacco through Comprehensive School PolicyDave Garison, Statewide Tobacco Policy Manager for Tobacco Free Florida; Jill Thompson Hutson, CEO of REDE Group


Take Down Tobacco: National Day of Action brought to you by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
A national day of activism where youth and adults stand up and speak out against Big Tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day brought to you by The World Health Organization
A global call to highlight the health risks of tobacco

Great American Smoke Out brought to you by American Cancer Society
A day for smokers to stop using tobacco and learn about the resources to help them stay quit

International Week of Action brought to you by Smoke Free Movies
A chance for youth groups, parent groups, health organizations and consumer alliances in different countries to pressure the globalized film and tobacco industries in a highly coordinated way during the week of the Academy Awards

National Drugs & Alcohol Facts Week brought to you by the National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) is a national health observance for teens to promote local events that use NIDA science to SHATTER THE MYTHS about drugs, including tobacco.

Youth Advocates of the Year Awards brought to you by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Honoring top young leaders from across the country who have fought hard to promote tobacco legislation, expose tobacco marketing to kids and keep peers from using tobacco. Youth winners serve as Youth Ambassadors for Tobacco-Free Kids for a year-long term and receive training and leadership opportunities.

truth® Ambassadors brought to you by Truth Initiative
Truth Initiative is looking for 10 young adult truth Ambassadors who are passionate about tobacco control and would like to develop a project that inspires smoke free communities on a national scale. Participants will receive a stipend and financial support for their project. 


Arizona – STAND |


– Youth Extinguishing Smoking (YES) Team |

– Project Prevent Arkansas |

California – California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN) |

Colorado – UpRISE Youth Tobacco Movement |

Delaware – Kick Butts Generation (KBG) |

District of Columbia – DC Teens Who Don’t

Florida – Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) |

Georgia – Gwinnett United in Drug Education (GUIDE, Inc.) |

Hawaii – Hawaii Public Health Institute Youth Council |

Indiana – VOICE |

Iowa – ISTEP (Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention) |

Kansas – RESIST |

Louisiana – Defy |

Maine – Maine Youth Action Network |

Maryland – Maryland Teens Rejecting Abusive Smoking Habits (TRASH) |

Maryland – Maryland Students Together Organizing Prevention Strategies (STOPS) |

Massachusetts – The 84 |

Minnesota – Start Noticing |

Mississippi – Generation Free |

Montana – reACT Against Corporate Tobacco |

Nebraska – No Limits |

New Hampshire – Breathe New Hampshire |

New Jersey– |

New Mexico – Evolvement |

New York – Reality Check |

North Carolina – Tobacco Reality Unfiltered |

Ohio – Summit County Youth to Youth (Y2Y) |

Oklahoma – OK Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) |

Pennsylvania – Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU) |

South Carolina – Rage Against the Haze |

Texas – Say What! |

Utah – OUTRAGE |

Vermont – Our Voices Exposed |

Virginia – Y Street |

West Virginia – Raze |

Wisconsin – FACT |